The dreaded Monday…and celebrities

My mind can be funny at times. Not in the way that I can tell a joke or say something witty, I leave that to my husband. It’s more funny in that I’m always thinking, sometimes deeply, but often in a stream of consciousness kind of way. Sitting in the passenger seat while my husband drives us somewhere, my thoughts will many times drift from one thing to another, with seemingly no connection to each new thought. I find it interesting to then go back and try to figure out how I went from thinking about the azalea bushes finally blooming to that one time in high school when I rapelled off the side of the football stadium in JROTC.

So it should come as no surprise to me, that as I was reaching for a new roll of paper towels in our hall closet last night, I found myself wondering if celebrities ever feel the wrath of a Monday. I began to really ponder this and analyze why they couldn’t possibly dread a Monday like every other working class person. It’s actually not a lot to think about really…celebrities don’t work 9 to 5 jobs, they don’t necessarily have only weekends off, and more than likely, they probably make their own schedules. Whereas I may be only 50% of the population of this apartment who likes their job, I still don’t like Mondays. But do I envy the kind of life that a celebrity has? Do I long to be a person who isn’t confined to the leisure limits of a 2-day weekend? Honestly? I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t have a desire to be famous. Perhaps it’s because I’m introverted, and have to force myself to be extroverted because of my profession. It could be because I loathe having “product” in my hair and the last time I ever wore make-up was at my wedding nearly 2 years ago. I don’t like the idea of having to be conscious of what I wear every time I step out of my home.

All of this, and more, ran through my mind last night as I prepared to return to work after a week off. I suppose this slight resentment of the people who don’t care that today is Monday stemmed from a delightfully lazy time that I had at home this past week. My time off felt a lot like the lazy days of summer. Which, if I’m really being truthful with myself, the real lazy days of summer are not that far off. The first week of June is the holy grail of the calendar year, when you’re a teacher.

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