A Teacher’s Summer

During summer vacation, it’s very rare that I wake up before nine or ten o’clock. My husband leaves for work around 6:30, but unless he comes to kiss me good-bye, I don’t take notice. I have acquired an obliviousness to his alarm clock and subsequent sounds in the bathroom and bedroom as he gets dressed. So it was to my surprise that last Thursday I woke up as he was leaving. He had indeed come to give me a kiss, but this time, instead of immediately closing my eyes again, I kept them open and made the quick decision to get out of bed. I had a newfound morning energy that I was grateful for. Perhaps it is necessary to explain that the night before, I had prayed hard that I would be able to get up early enough to go walking/jogging before the oppressive summer heat and humidity kicked in outside. Realizing that my prayers had been answered, I quickly dressed and prepared for my exercise excursion. All of this was done with haste, as I didn’t want an opportunity to lose the motivation that had worked it’s way into my morning.

The app on my phone told me that I only traveled 2.5 miles that morning. This was certainly not the exhausting 4 miles that my husband and I had walked the weekend before on the river trail near our apartment. But, with a pretty painful burn in the region of my shins that had started not long after walking up the hill to get out of our apartment complex, I was still impressed with myself. Today is Sunday for another two hours, and I can’t honestly say that I exercised again like I did Thursday. There will be more days like that though. I am determined to make it happen.

For the past several summer breaks, I have always been determined to lose weight. With nothing distracting me, no work to make me tired at the end of the day, I always knew that summer break was the perfect time to really take charge of a diet and exercise regime that I desperately need. My physical health is a big obstacle in the path of motherhood. With excessive weight, it has brought on diabetes and high blood pressure, all of which will greatly diminish if I lose weight. Doctors have been telling me this for years, and yet, I have not done anything about these health conditions other than continue to get my medications refilled. With two weeks of summer already gone, I know it’s not too late to start the regime that I got a glimpse of on Thursday. A line from a song that I like says: “Surprise ’em with a victory cry”. That’s exactly what I want to do in the fall. I want to go back to school and surprise everyone with a different version of myself. Looking thinner is a bonus, but truthfully, I just want to be healthy.

There is so much inspiration around me that I simply can’t ignore. There was a dream I had a while ago where I was running and I wasn’t in pain from the effort, I wasn’t so out of breath that I couldn’t speak, it felt good to be running. My oldest sister had weight loss surgery around Easter and from pictures I’ve seen of her on Facebook, she looks fabulous! I don’t want to be the only one in my family who is not taking her health seriously. And while there are so many other people and quotes and stories I have heard that I’m drawing inspiration from, I am most inspired by a stranger in an SUV. About nine years ago, I was planning to go tandem skydiving and while I was within the acceptable weight limit, I was determined to lose a few pounds anyway, just to be on the safe side. I decided that running around the neighborhood was the best way to do this, actually, it was my only choice. So while I was running up the sidewalk, passing several businesses along the way, a lady in an SUV was pulling out of a bank parking lot. She rolled down her window as I jogged by and she yelled “You go girl!” I will never forget that. It has sort of become my exercise mantra.

Tomorrow begins a new week. There is opportunity waiting for me on the other side of the night. I am one teacher who is determined to make the most of her summer. There are no rules for summer vacation. Nothing says that I have to sleep in every day. Setting an alarm clock in June is not blasphemous. I will make this happen. I can do it.

2 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Summer

  1. Cathy, you have inspiration all around you every day. But the stimulation to take control of your life comes from within. We can feel inspired, but until we jump up and say ‘Just do it’, and take the action, it is just feeling inspired. You are young, you want better things for yourself and your husband, you work hard and you want to be around for the family you will eventually have. My mother used to say to me (in reference to my cigarette smoking) ‘Don’t wait until it is too late to change the outcome. There will eventually be a point of no return.’
    Just do it!

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    1. I like that thought! About not waiting until it’s too late. Thank you for your comment. It’s funny that you have “Just do it” at the end, because that is totally my computer background. It’s what I tell myself sometimes when I’m debating doing something or worrying about doing something…just do it!


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