In the Last Three Minutes…

I’m a news junkie. I love watching the news. That is to say, I only like watching the local news on one particular station. I don’t necessarily like watching MSNBC or CNN, so when I come home from work in the afternoon, I have a set schedule of news that I watch. The local news channel airs at 4 pm on one channel, and then at 5 on a different channel. So when the program ends at 4:57, I immediately switch over to the other channel so I can watch the same people deliver the 5:00 news. The thing is though, when I arrive at the designated channel at 4:57, I am left with three minutes of “The Young and the Restless”. I am not a soap opera watcher. I can imagine that I might like watching them, after all, I was a huge fan of 90210 back in “the day”. I like trashy dramas, to a certain extent.

So for quite a while now, I have watched the last three minutes of this particular soap opera nearly every day and I have come to the conclusion that the last three minutes are the most drama filled and, somewhat ridiculous moments of the show. I can’t say that I have watched an entire episode in order to make that judgement, but now that it’s summer break, I just might do that one day.

Watching these last few minutes of the show every day started to get entertaining, so much so that I started a list of what I saw on various days of tuning in at the end. Here are some of the highlights:

-murder plot revealed, a found gun, both think the other will kill him

-a blind man can see again, what he saw was scandalous, though he’s not telling anybody he can see again

-a person knocked out in a fire, a ship explodes

-a plane crashes

-a pregnant woman goes into labor while being locked and hidden in a  utility closet

-an evil stare down between two men as one man has the other man arrested for felony embezzlement

From these final moments, I have learned that nobody is safe in a soap opera. I’m pretty sure that even the most innocent of characters is subject to scandalous drama happening. But then again, would it even be considered a soap opera if drama was happening to only some of the characters? Also, when do these people have down time? Is there a day that goes by in this world when it’s just a regular day? But again, what would be the fun in watching people have a cup of coffee while they surf the web in the morning? Or sit in front of the t.v. at night and knit, like I do? Clearly I am not one to be involved in a soap opera, fictional or otherwise. And for that, I am grateful.

One thought on “In the Last Three Minutes…

  1. This post brings back so many memories!! When I was a kid, my mom was an “As the World Turns” junkie. I never got into that one, but I became obsessed with “All My Children” by the time I was in junior high. I watched it all summer long, as did my sister, and it was such a wonderful escape on a hot Texas afternoon. In fact, there were even times we would “lay out” on the back patio (a really icky balcony slapped onto the back of our second-story apartment), and we would listen to “AMC” on the TV channel’s radio station. We had to do it that way because “AMC” came on at noon, and the sun was only shining over our patio at noon!

    In my early 20s, I moved to upstate NY with a boyfriend, and we stayed with his brother and sister-in-law. She was addicted to “AMC” and “General Hospital” and one other (“Bold” or “Young”…can’t remember). Anyway, we would stop whatever we were doing to watch them together. When my boyfriend and I got our own place and I was unable to find a job, I would escape from my loneliness by watching “AMC” and seeing all my old friends from Pine Valley. I quit watching in the early ’90s when I moved back to TX. I could probably watch the reruns on the Soap channel and pick up where I left off!

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