The Destroyer

Sometimes I think that I annoy my school-age niece and nephews with talk of school. I try not to pester them about it. The teacher in me will not, however, let me stay silent on the subject. I especially couldn’t stay silent this past Friday when my family and I took a trip to a popular amusement park.

While waiting for the second half of our convoy to get started on the journey to the park, my sister decided we should stop for breakfast and give everybody else a chance to catch up to us. As my brother in law navigated the parking lot towards a local Denny’s restaurant, my nephew’s friend, who I was squished into the backseat with, began to question the spelling of the popular eating establishment. He wanted to know why it wasn’t spelled Dennies. I explained to him the difference between the possessive nature of Denny’s, versus the plural nature of Dennies. This did not sit well with the young man. He started to argue with my explanation. At this point, my nephew interrupted and said, “Dude, she’s a teacher, she’ll destroy you.” I don’t care how many accolades I receive from my principal or parents of students…nothing will make me feel more validated in what I do than hearing that from my oldest nephew.

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