The Passage of Time

Though the number of days in the above picture may be slightly off, considering I saw it on Facebook sometime in the last week or so, one thing is certain, time is flying by. I often see posts on social media from friends with children who are marveling at the passage of time as they watch their offspring grow and change on a daily basis. While I am not yet a mother, the speed at which time passes feels as fast as what I imagine it would be to witness children develop.

It is again the end of August. This upcoming school week will be the third full week for me and the building down the road that used to house a Wal-mart store has been converted into a Spirit Halloween store. Back in July I saw a few Christmas items making an appearance at my local Hobby Lobby. It is only a matter of time before other stores begin displaying their Christmas merchandise. It is about this time every year that I am reminded again of how fast time is passing. It seems crazy to think that the fall holidays are upon us…already!

I used to wonder about this phenomenon of sorts. Clearly it has not always felt that days and weeks were ending at an alarming rate. As a child, the weeks leading up to Christmas dragged by and I was in a near constant state of anxious boredom and anticipation. And although I still have trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve due to excitement as I did when I was a child, the days leading up to Christmas Eve show no mercy to those that want time to slow down so that we can relish the holiday. I often have dreams in which I realize it’s Christmas Eve and I have missed the entire season of Christmas. These dreams are not that different from how the season actually feels…like it’s going by way too fast.

At some point in the midst of the months ending quickly one by one, I realized exactly why this happens. I know not everybody in the world is a teacher, but there must be a similarity between a teacher’s year and a year in any other profession. The year for me is divided into three somewhat equal parts. From January to May, I am counting the days until summer break…just trying to do my best to teach what is left in the curriculum and prepare the kids for the next grade they will encounter. When the end of May finally comes, I have two full, glorious months off of work. Finally, August rolls back around and it’s basically then a countdown until the weather cools off here in the southeast. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all give reason for those months to pass quickly. Then the three parts start again in January.

Our janitor tells me that I should “wait till you get to be my age”. I can only imagine.

In the meantime, here’s to all the adults in the world who desperately want to slow down time–to savor life and the moments that give us pause, may time be kind to us–no matter the speed at which it passes.

2 thoughts on “The Passage of Time

  1. We’re on the second day of a two week holiday in the Scottish Borders, so this comes as a timely (and thoughtfully expressed) reminder to make the most of our 14 days of leisure. Thank you. šŸ™‚


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