I got this!

Last Friday I wrote about the new day 1 of my fitness journey. Today, I didn’t even realize that it’s already day 5. This marks the point that my last attempt ended. It’s not ending this time! For the past 5 days, I have watched what I have eaten very carefully. I have gone 30 minutes on the elliptical for four out of the past five days. My only excuse for not getting to it yesterday is that I didn’t get home until it felt way too late to be exercising. The children at my school put on their annual Christmas musical and teacher attendance was mandatory.

In these past five days, I haven’t struggled to put on my tennis shoes and hop on the elliptical for that gruelling 30 minutes. Though I dread the part in the pre-programmed routine where the resistance gets up to a 7 (out of 10), the time seems to go by very quickly. Before I know it, I have worked up an intense sweat, prompting the obligatory sweaty, post-elliptical selfie that I have posted on Facebook several times. The thumbs up I give reminds me that I’ve got this!

For the past 5 days, I have chosen my food with an eager desire to eat only what is good for me. I have eaten a salad nearly every day for lunch and have chosen to drink water instead of soda or the sweet tea that my husband keeps in the refrigerator. I do have to indulge in a very small helping of the tea each night so that I can take my handful of medication without my stomach becoming upset, as it tends to do when I take it with plain water.

I have since gotten the blood work back from my doctor. I had an appointment the week before Thanksgiving and an extensive work up of my blood was done. The results came in the mail last week, complete with a prescription for yet another pill, this one to control my cholesterol. I debated getting it filled. This new lifestyle of mine is beginning to feel very natural to me. Surely I won’t need all these pills after a while. But in the meantime, I’ll take them and hope for the best possible numbers when I go for my physical in February.

Some of the benefits I have noticed from this change in my eating and exercising  habits:

I’ve lost 3 pounds already! Granted, this could be attributed to water weight that has been lost. One of the new pills that I have been prescribed is a diuretic to lower my blood pressure.

My stomach feels good! Eating junk food on a daily basis made my stomach feel very uncomfortable at times. I never felt nauseaus, but I did feel a heaviness and an all around feeling of “ugh!” that could have been compounded by my feelings of guilt and dread for having eaten food that I know is not what I need to be eating. I had almost grown to accept that “stuffed” feeling after overeating as something normal–as the way I should feel after eating. How else was I supposed to know that I had eaten enough? I don’t have to rely on that feeling anymore.

In fact, what I’m feeling now, is a sort of freedom. A freedom from the frustration of feeling that I will never be able to do this successfully. I feel energized and ready to keep going. Tomorrow will be day 6…I’ll have made it farther than I ever have. One small victory tomorrow will lead to so many more in the future. I know this, because I know that I’ve got this!



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