Summer Rules

While teachers in the local public school system were heading back to work today after the long Memorial Day weekend, I was enjoying my first official day of summer vacation. With the last day of school for me being last Friday, I have been in a perpetual state of relief since then. But now that break is officially here, I have to hold myself accountable to the things I promised myself I would do once I was out of school for the summer. I have two main goals for the next two months–re-develop my diet and exercise regime and read as much as possible so that I can prepare myself for the great leap I will be taking in August from teaching on the elementary level to the secondary  level. I have heaps of books I have purchased lately to help me with this preparation, which I suspect I will not truly be prepared for until after the first day of school in the fall.

So that I will not look back on these upcoming months with regret when they are over, I have come up with some rules that I’m going to use to guide me through June and July. I’ve developed a routine like this before, so I’m positive I can do it again. And like before, I plan on losing count of how many consecutive days I have been at it. I don’t plan on stopping after school starts back.

Rule #1: Drink only water. As an added bonus, I’d like to keep track of how much water I’m intaking so that I can log it on my FitBit app.

Rule #2: Complete the Couch to 5K app. I’ve already run a 5K, but I’d like now to pick up my pace. I’m going to re-work the program, except I’m going to replace my slow, feet-shuffling jog with a faster, longer stride.

Rule #3: Don’t sleep all day. I’m going to run in the mornings before the steamy southeastern heat and humidity kick in. I’m not counting out a nap later in the day, but an early start is what I’m initially after.

Rule #4: Eat only food that is prepared at home. Eating out makes it too easy to get off track with my diet goals.

Rule #5: Use the elliptical on running ‘off’ days. The Couch to 5K app requries only 3 days of running per week. I may increase this by repeating some of the days, but when I’m taking a running break, I have found that going for 20 or 30 minutes on the elliptical helps increase the strength in my legs.

Rule #6: Make time to read every day. I really do have many books that I would like to read this summer. In fact, I’m already halfway through The Life of Pi, one book that I see as a potential book to teach my future 8th graders.

Six rules shouldn’t be too difficult to follow. Eagerness and a desire to make the most of my summer is what I’ll take to bed with me tonight. Hopefully it will last through the night and help get me out of bed in the morning. I have no reason to suspect it won’t.

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