Packing for the Apocalypse

It’s Sunday night, and I’m parked in front of the t.v. watching the last episode of The Walking Dead from the previous season. The new season will premiere in less than half an hour. I will admit to not having watched the series from the very beginning, but I have been a fan for the past several seasons. Sunday nights when there’s a new episode are always fun on social media. There’s quite a bit of posting on Facebook during the commercials, by myself and a few of my co-workers, to include our parish priest who surprisingly is a big fan. So here I sit, waiting for the fun to begin. And while I wait, I am reminded of three things that I usually always ponder during “Dead” season.

One: For some reason, it is always fascinating to me to discover how many actors on shows and movies that I love that are actually British, but playing characters that have American accents. So far, I have counted three people on The Walking Dead that are British: Rick, Morgan, and Maggie. I can’t remember, but I think Ezekiel might be too. I watch the Talking Dead afterwards if for no other reason than to hear the cast member of the week talk so I can determine if they are British.

Two: It must not be fun to be Andrew Lincoln while he’s in character playing Rick. Granted, Rick is a badass, and he is the character we all root for, but he is soaking wet in every episode! He is super sweaty and dirty every week! I have very thick hair and when it’s the summer and I’ve taken a shower, it takes a while for my hair to air dry. If I happen to start sweating during that time that my hair is still wet, I feel very gross. It becomes impossible to tell if my hair is wet from my shower or sweat, and the fact that it takes even longer to dry just makes me feel even more icky.

Three: What exactly would I pack in the bag that I took with me everywhere while searching out a safe location during the apocalypse, zombie or otherwise? Assuming that my basic needs are going to be taken care of with the contents of some other travel pack, in other words, I won’t have to carry food and water in my bag, what would I want to keep with me at all times? I know that I choose to fill my L.L. Bean bookbag because they are indestructible and can withstand anything (except cat urine–especially the kind that comes from a not-yet-neutered boy cat, ask me how I know). They’re so good that I ordered another one after my ginger boy laid waste to the one I had since high school.

So far I have concluded that I would pack a journal and some pens–documenting my experiences and thoughts along the way. I would pack my favorite Rosary–the one given to me by my grandmother that she purchased in Rome when Saint John Paul the 2nd was Pope. It was blessed by him and I treasure it. A small collection of photographs would be in there as well, but I truly don’t know what else I would include. I suppose it would depend on where I would be spending my post-apocalyptic time and what kind of climate I would experience. Perhaps a special hand-knit?

And with that, it’s 9:00–time for a new episode.

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