“Get ugly!”

I don’t particularly like to drink Gatorade. It’s not a go-to drink for me, but the commercial they had on t.v. not too long ago motivated me in other ways. In my extended exercising slump, I would often feel pangs of regret when I would see something that reminded me of the fact that I had unintentionally given up on running and being healthy. The feelings of regret might have actually been the beginnings of motivation. This particular Gatorade commercial showed several different people engaging in a wide range of athletic activities, all while sweat poured off of their bodies. In the background, upbeat music played and a chorus of “Get ugly!” would be sung in rhythm to the music. The whole point being that you should get ugly–with sweat while you exercise. Working out is not about looking cute. And of course, when you’re done you should drink Gatorade.

I was reminded of that commercial today as I got close to finishing my elliptical workout. I had increased the time and resistance level of my routine today and I could feel it! The sweat literally poured off of me and the 100% cotton tank top I was wearing became more saturated than it ever has before. I was Gatorade ugly and I loved it!

The amazing thing about today, is that it wasn’t the first day I’ve exercised. It was the 6th straight day and I couldn’t be prouder of myself! Last Saturday, I listened to the playlist of songs I used to listen to while running, with some new additions. I got intensely motivated to get on the elliptical, so I did. And on Sunday, after a low blood sugar scare, I got on again. Monday, I got off of work and wondered if I would be able to do it a third time, after all, I was exhausted from work. But I did it anyway. I didn’t even hesitate to put on my tennis shoes as soon as I got home. Tuesday, Wednesday, and now Thursday, are all days that I got on and worked out. It’s not even something that I have to convince myself to do. There is no question in my mind that I’m going to do it. No hesitation. I haven’t had a soda in the same 6 days. Only water, milk with cereal, and the small glass of tea I drink to take my medicine at night. This feels familiar. Like I’ve done this before. Except that I have done this, and it feels great to be doing it again.

sweaty shirt
My shirt was so sweaty that I had to hang it up to dry before putting it in the clothes hamper.


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