On the Verge

My mother once made a comment to me about “muscle memory” when I told her that I was running again after some time away from it. She seemed to think that my muscles would remember what they were supposed to do and how they were supposed to react to long periods of running. After almost three months of a lazy kind of running routine, I can assure you, there is no “muscle memory” in your leg muscles…at least not in mine. The half-marathon I was training for in March got cancelled because of Covid-19. I was very disappointed, but the same week that it was cancelled, there was one last local race that I had registered for. I ran the 10k and actually placed in my age group! I never thought that would be possible! But in all honesty, almost everyone in the race ran the 5k and very few people ran the 10. I was 3rd out of 4 people running the 10 in my age group. With a steady 6.2 miles under my belt that day, my running has taken a hit, along with everything else because of the pandemic. Which is why I found myself lying on the sofa this evening with my legs draped across my husband’s lap. I ran three miles this morning in preparation for running four miles for the virtual 4th of July race that I had signed up for. While I had the stamina and good heart rate to continue running past three miles this morning, my legs set out to once and for all disprove the muscle memory “thing” that my mom had suggested. They became very sore and very tired. They stayed that way much of the day. Being on summer break now meant that I spent most of the day after my run sitting down. This evening though, my legs were still pretty uncomfortable feeling and so I asked my husband to rub them for me. In my horizontal position on the couch, with my very large, old cat sprawled on my belly, it felt wonderful to have my legs tended to. I wanted to take a picture of the scene with my phone for posting on social media later, but instead, I just relaxed and soaked in the moment.

For this brief period of time, before my husband fell asleep on the couch and before I sat back up so I could resume knitting, I felt not only a physical relaxation, but also a slight feeling of eagerness. Things are about to change for my husband and I. We are on the verge of moving into a bigger apartment, which will be a place holder for us while we navigate the maze of buying our first house. Moving from this one-bedroom “cottage” as it’s called here, will allow us to realistically consider bringing children into our home, something we have dreamed about and discussed for many years. Thirteen years of living in this tiny apartment may soon come to an end in a very big way. Of course, this is not something that will happen overnight and there are some things that need to line up for us before it can happen, but the very real possibility of it all coming to fruition for us is very exciting. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about all that could be on the horizon for us. I’m not the most patient person on a good day, but I’ve tried my best to not get too far ahead of myself where all of this is concerned. What happens for us will happen at the right time, whether it’s our time or God’s time.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the little moments, like tonight. Being content in the company of my husband (and my cat) is enough for me right now. Until later…..(I did sneak one picture of my girl just because I love when she snuggles on me).

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